Software for panels of centralised protection - eAlarm Security System, the main component of the software-hardware complex eAlarm.

Provides for the collection, processing, storage and visualisation to users of data of object systems of security and fire alarm systems or other telemetry systems.

Key features of eAlarm software:

  • Users’ authorisation system and system event logs

  • Object database and additional information storage, search in it using filters

  • Flexible time-interval control system

  • Visit accounting system

  • Integrated remote video monitoring system

  • Embedded accounting system for applications

  • Control of open/close schedules

  • Optimised alarm management

  • Online access to the events history

  • Flexible system of technical description of the object to retrieve and decrypt events

  • Event code templates

  • Capabilities to give users access to the system's data through the user’s web-interface or programmable sending SMS or e-mail messages

The eAlarm software is based on client-server architecture and is composed of 3 main types of modules:

  • receiver (monitor),

  • server (daemon)

  • operator interface (console)

The system deployment diagram depends on the expected load, eAlarm software is successfully applied for small monitoring stations, where all the system components are installed on a single personal computer, and for large-scale distributed information systems, in which the receiver and operator stations can be located in different cities.

The system is compatible with the receiving equipment:

  • CORTEX (Latvia)
  • KP ELECTRONICS (Israel) and compatible with it in outgoing logs
  • SUR-GARD (Canada) and compatible with it in outgoing logs
  • Silent Knight (USA)

While the outgoing logs SUR-GARD and ADEMCO 685 are de facto the standard for safety equipment, the system compatibility with them ensures compatibility with a large number of receiver modules and security system consoles from different manufacturers. By particular agreement with the Customer, support for other equipment can be developed.