SIA "Mega Sargs" is not only one of the leading companies providing security and safety services in the Latvian market, but also a reliable partner for colleagues working in this area. Based on years of practical experience in the market of security services regarding the current situation in the market of information systems for monitoring objects and construction of data communication networks, and predicting the trend of further development and demands of the market of security services, the software-hardware complex eAlarm was developed and put into operation.  

Acquiring the complex eAlarm or its parts, you will not only acquire the hardware or software for organisation or expansion of information system for monitoring object systems of technical security, but also the possibility of getting a high-quality technical support to installed systems. 

The software-hardware complex eAlarm includes all needed components to organise the telemetry system (the main use - technical security of objects):

Software complex eAlarm for centralised information processing and data visualisation for system users.

Components for building a distributed system for collecting and transmitting information — receiving modules of the system eAlarm and retransmitters of the system eAlarm. 

Object modules for data transmission.

Solutions developed on the basis of the complex eAlarm by experts of SIA "Mega Sargs" do not require a complete replacement of the Customer’s existing equipment, the elements of the complex can be used as stand-alone elements or integrated into other information systems.