The eAlarm ETX Ethernet communicator is designed for reliable transmission of messages from objects to the Central Monitoring Console using computer networks (local or global, such as Internet) as data transmission channels. The device can transmit signals to the remote monitoring console from its own analogue inputs and/or messages from compatible security centrals connected via one of the UART ports or from any security central equipped with a telephone communicator that supports data transmission in protocol Contact-ID (through optional module of interface DIN -100).

Receipt of messages and communication control with each of the object devices (with regard to the time interval between test transmissions, which can be unique to each device) is provided with specialized etxReceiver software, which may be part of the eAlarm Security System complex or operate as a standalone application, sending messages to the software compatible with the protocols SUR-GARD MRL2 DG or Ademco 685, for example SIMSII

  • Ethernet: 10-BaseT (full-duplex), Auto-MDIX
  • TCP/IP: UDP (port is being configured), DHCP, static IP address
  • Number of controlled inputs for connecting an analogue signal: Up to 4 (optional)
  • Number of UART ports: 2
  • Encryption: Block, 128-bit key 
  • Test transmissions: Available, programmable interval
  • Address capacity: 10000 addresses, for Contact-ID (DIN-100) there are broadcast addresses of accounts received in the protocol from the security central
  • Sending logic: 1 base and 2 backup IP-addresses of the receiving system.
  • Event delivery confirmation
  • Power: 12V @ 200mA

Supported control panels UART:

  • Paradox Esprit 7XX - direct connection 
  • DSC Power Series - via telephone switchboard and interface module Contact-ID (DIN-100) or an interface module for the system bus of panel
  • Any central with telephone switchboard that supports Contact-ID via interface module Contact-ID (DIN-100)